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Your Story

Everyone's life is a story. Telling your story is both personally transformational and an exercise in preservation. If you were to tell the story of your life today in a poem that you left in your safety deposit box, on this blog, as a filmed interview, as a short story then relatives years from now would be able to read about you and be inspired by the life you led. It helps generations in the future to know from whom they came -- good experiences and bad. These all count.
Telling your story now can also be personally transformational. You reflect on your experience in order to tell the story. You reconstruct what happened and that will help you to think about the future. Your future story.
Example: My brother is a video buff and he decided to ask Mom and Dad about their life in an interview video. Now, both of our parents have passed away so those films are treasures in our family. We don't have the chance to ask them any more questions but we can look at this video and learn from it and we live the stories of our own lives.

"Everyone who got to where they are had to begin where they were." - Richard Paul Evans

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