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Wordle: Your Textual Utterances Become a Form of Art

Wordle is one of those helpful intermedial tools that brings words and images together to clearly signify the transmediality of literacy and literatures. Many teachers are using this tool in a variety of ways. For some, it is helpful for demonstrating the idea that text itself is image. For others, it is helpful for teaching the connection of text to the visual arts. For decades, the two items of literacy, text and image, have been separated as distinctly different rather than being intermedial. Sometimes text is so highly privileged over it's accompanying images that we forget that text itself is made up of images.

Further, Wordle can help one to recognize one's emphasis on particular ideas, demonstrated through the repetition of words. We all use repetition in one form or another to make our message. Through recognizing that we repeat words and seeing which words are repeated, students can be encouraged to think metacognitively, to think about their thinking. Try Wordle (click) yourself and see what happens. The following image is a Wordle of this blog. Click to make the following image larger. Alternatively, you may click on the blog title to see my gallery of images.