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The Main Character of Your Digital Story

Many digital storytellers begin by telling their own story. This is an excellent way to start. Write about what you know. That way, you can focus on technique, voice, and view rather than the subject matter. Next, you might go beyond your personal story and look to the land you live on. For example, if you lived in Winnipeg you could make your story about the many events that have happened on that site. Many resources are available. A historical site such as this one by George Siamandas - The Winnipeg Time Machine - provide ideas that can be constructed into a storyboard on iMovie or Movie Maker. Take your camera out to the current site to record scenes. I prefer to use a 10 hour battery and make a continuous shot over an entire day. That way, everything that you see will be on your disk. Look for copyright free materials that can be integrated into your story and ask permission to use materials for your final cut.

In my experience teaching digital storytelling, I have found that having students start with their own story is both rewarding and provides the best on-ramp to initial success.

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