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Writing Fairytales with Adolescents your writing exercises can take adolescents back to their childhood. A closer look at literature from their youth can  inspire adolescents to begin writing. They often feel confident reading their own short fairytale to younger students. It can be very motivating.  Examples of sites that can support your research toward this work are:

Children's Literature Web Site
This is a database for children's literature including extensive information on illustrators and authors.

National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature
This  organization’s website highlights the work of prominent children’s literature illustrators, includes biographical information, and showcases student work.

Kerlan Collection, University of Minnesota
This site is a collection of research on children's literature.

Mazza Collection, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH
This site promotes interest in children’s literature. A visual tour of famous picturebook illustrations is fascinating.

Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books
This site includes over eighty thousand notable children's books. Books are classified in three ways: (1) the Osborne Collection of books published to the end of 1910; (2) the Lillian H. Smith Collection of modern notable titles; and (3) the Canadiana Collection of materials.

Perry NodelmanThis website of Perry Nodelman includes information about his children's books as well as theory related to children's literature - including feminist and critical literacy perspectives.

The Children's Literature Web Guide
This website features resources for parents, teachers, storytellers, writers, and illustrators. In addition, it has a variety of different on-line book discussion groups.

The Sur la Lune Fairy Tale Pages by Heidi Anne Heiner
Presents the history of specific fairy tales and classic illustrations.

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